Shadows Edge Media | Recent Work

Constant experimentation and trying new techniques drives my desire to improve my skills as a visual artist. The work in this gallery doesn't follow a common theme or approach but is the result of that work.

I believe that no matter what your passion, you must push yourself to improve. Success is built upon practice and application which includes many failed attempts and a few successes which result is a new talent or improved technique that becomes part of ones skill.

I will share with you my goal and what I learned from each project.
Winter Fog in Sorrento ValleyStrand Surfers EntranceKing Tide WavesBig Cottomwood CanyonLife Guard Tower takes a bathThe path less traveledStrand Rock BarrierFoggy Spider Web on the BridgeSunset at Utah Lake State ParkPasty white with orange on topThose big fluffy cloudsGuardian of Bryce CanyonStorm over the Grand TetonsDriftwoodInto the surfEcola CoastlineWaters EdgeDriving on the BeachHigh Surf in La Jolla