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About Blayden Thompson

Blayden and Sally ThompsonBlayden and Sally Thompson

Although I love my office, being outdoors is where I find my passion and love for life. I became interested in photography in my early twenties. I studied film and television production during the 80's followed by a career in advertising and software. I was fortunate to learn layout and design from very talented people in the motion picture and newspaper industries. This creative foundation has served me well during my career managing and designing web applications.

Now some thirty years later, I have returned to my roots as a photographer but with a new vision. Today's digital era and wonderful software tools allows me to create in ways I never thought possible.

I still focus on capturing fine art landscapes and now I incorporate the human factor to create composites that capture a specific emotion. My images today are more about emotion and artistic vision than photography.

My logo has been with me for years. As a boy, I loved antique maps and the compass rose became my logo. The look has had many versions over the years but the meaning is still the same. The northern point represents having a path to follow. Knowing where you want to go is key to achieving goals.

In regards to photography, the other points are similar to a light meter's scale. The left is under exposure and the right is over exposure. It has taken me years to understand that there is no such thing as a perfect exposure.

The perfect exposure lies somewhere on the scale and I know it when I see it. So now you understand the basis of my business name, Shadows Edge Media. 

For me, pushing my images to the edge is where I find the perfect light, the place where my vision lies.

Shadow and light play a critical role is creating my vision and I always find myself breaking the rules like shooting into the sun. Pushing the limits is why my business is more than just photography. 


Blayden Thompson